Product Certifications
Quality System

Our philosophy is "Manufacturing the right product with the best use of available resources." Our years of experience confirm it. Our laboratory has the equipment required to comply with the tests requested in the standards we use. These equipments have the calibration support carried out by the SENCAMER Metrological Development Fund (entity that verifies and certifies the calibration of measurement equipment throughout the country) and the adequate and timely maintenance to guarantee the reliability of the results obtained and power thus guaranteeing the performance of all our products without complaints from its customers.

All factory staff are aware of the need to operate within a quality management system. The maintenance of the production equipment as well as the quality control is carried out according to programmed activities and the established operating procedures responding to the manufacturer's recommendations and related standards.

The production, its control documentation, loading and dispatch are duly registered and according to the respective procedures, which allows the identification of each product from the raw material with which it was manufactured until its arrival to the customer and its destination of use.

The reception of raw material, production, loading and distribution are duly registered in accordance with all the procedures declared in our quality synthesis, which guarantees traceability throughout the entire production process, thus allowing identification from the subject premium used until delivery to the final customer of each manufactured product


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