Revinca manufactures all possible versions of polyethylene pipes for applications in feeders and aqueducts, gas distribution networks, irrigation systems, industrial facilities, telecommunications and electricity subducts, corrugated pipes for sewers, sewers, drains, pluvial, among others. In addition all kinds of connections for welding and welding service.


Corrugated High Density Polyethylene Pipes for use in underground applications, drainage and sewers COVENIN 3491 and 3492, ASTM F405 and F667, AASHTO M 252,, NTC 5447, Resolution 1166 (Colombia)


High Density Polyethylene Pipes for Natural Gas Conduction, COVENIN 3839, ISO 4437


Communications subducts in HDPE GTS-8546


High Density Polyethylene Pipes for the Conduction of Liquids, according to NTF 3833, ISO 4427, NTE INEN 1 744, NTC 4585, DIN 8074, AWWA C901, AWWA C906, ASTM D3035 and F714, Resolution 1166

HDPE fittings COVENIN 2041
PE / Steel Transitions Series

Technical consulting

With the support of more than 50 years of proven experience, Revinca has a highly qualified technical management to provide technical support and personalized attention in all its projects both in design and installation, offering a reliable service.

Adequate ground transportation

For the distribution of coils of 100 meters of pipe or straight sections of 12 meters, REVINCA has a fleet of vehicles with special characteristics that allow offering an adequate, safe and economical transfer of its products to any part of the national territory and / or ports of shipping shipments for export.


We offer seminars and training courses in the area of ​​thermal fusion welding, giving the personnel evaluated their respective certification. These courses are taught by highly trained and internationally certified personnel. REVINCA has all the required equipment and the Manual of Welding Procedures in which all the information on the various methods to be used for effective training is grouped.

Welding services

REVINCA offers the welding service for its pipes and fittings in polyethylene. We have a specialized staff to carry out welding work on site and under any conditions, guaranteeing excellent quality in our welds. We have a great variety of equipment that allow us to adapt to the needs of your projects, optimizing them for your best performance.


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