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REVINCA pipes offer an excellent alternative in various applications due to the multiple advantages they have. Some of these applications are as follows:

Water and Drains

The low coefficient of friction and the almost zero roughness decreases pressure drops by length, allowing designs with smaller diameters and lower capacity equipment, and therefore lower costs.
During the installation processes, the high ductility of REVINCA pipes provide the opportunity to make curves with pointed radii without the need for accessories, they also offer the possibility of moving large sections of pipe already welded for positioning and po Further introduction into the ditches, regardless of the depth of these.
Thanks to the benefits of High Density Polyethylene in pipe applications, REVINCA offers with its products the most modern and economical solution to its many new aqueduct and drainage projects as a rehabilitation for:

- Adductions and distribution networks for drinking water in the municipal and industrial sector.
- Waste water in the Industrial sector and petrochemical complexes
- In constructions near corrosive areas such as those near the sea and / or offshore installations, widely used in underwater pipelines as aqueducts and sewage.
- In drip or spray irrigation projects and central pivot irrigation
- For sanitary, stormwater, combined and industrial sewage systems

Gas Systems

The use of High Density Polyethylene pipes for the distribution of domestic gas is of great advantage due to the following characteristics: - The ease of hermetic connections with thermofusion welding makes it possible to guarantee a system with 100% sealing, a primary premise for this type of applications- Due to its resistance to corrosion and scale, the effect of loss of capacity of the network is eliminated due to a decrease in its internal diameter, thus avoiding the need for maintenance and the use of cathodic protection systems, thus decreasing CostsREVINCA is a pioneer in this type of facility, manufacturing all pipes and fittings for thermofusion to fittings


We manufacture products that meet the specifications for the recovery of pipes deteriorated by corrosion, ruptures and various factors, through this process of introducing a new pipe inside the existing pipe which generates high benefits for the speed of work and a significant cost reduction.
Our products are adapted to the 3 existing processes of relining:

- Horizontal Directional Drilling
- Bursting
- Sliding Lining

Industrial Applications

Our pipelines meet the demanding requirements of the industrial and mining system for a variety of applications such as: - Transportation of solid material- Transportation of oil tributaries, in refining and in petrochemical complexes- For process water in steam plants- Underwater drains- Sanitary sewers, industrial, storm and combined discharges- Dredging systems- Gas projects REVINCA pipes do not present the corrosion problems typical of conventional steel pipes; These pipes offer greater resistance to chemicals and abrasion or wear caused by fluids with suspended solids and the sludge they lead.

communications Subducts

The quality, resistance and durability of the subducts for telephony, fiber optic, telecommunications and cable television manufactured by REVINCA guarantees the client their investment. These subducts are offered in several presentations such as: - Black pipe with colored stripes - Colored pipe with colored stripes or fully colored - These subducts can have a smooth and / or fluted inner surface- They can have a inside included rope for pulling the cable during installation- They are manufactured in rolls or on reels whose length depends on the needs of the client.Among their main features are: - They are airtight, corrosion resistant- They have a high impact resistance necessary to withstand loads external- They support tension loads applied in the installation processes by pulling- High chemical resistance and flexibility and low weight


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